Solsys : market to E-market


Solsys is a stock and cash management solution for physical stores.

We have created tools that enable our customers equipped with Solsys to interface with their Prestashop e-commerce website for the management of their catalogs, inventory and sales creation in the cash register software.

This Prestashop module allows to duplicate in your e-commerce website the database extracted from Solsys in order to retrieve in your e-commerce software all the information you have entered into Solsys to enrich your database of product (Solsys code, EAN, categorization of first and second level, size and color variations, selling price, purchase price …).

Thanks to the Solsys web service, we can update your stocks on your website at a given frequency in order to sell online the stock entered in Solsys that we want to allocate to Internet sales.

It is also possible to update sales prices from your cash register software and to recover the discount price.

Finally, through the web service, we can create in a Solsys Internet shop the sales made on the internet, by differentiating the turnover of products from the one related to the shipping costs, to integrate the possible reductions applied on the products, in order to be able to provide to the accounting service a statement of online sales identical to the statement of sales in store.

We are working closely with the Solsys teams to ensure optimal interconnection between the two IT systems via Solsys Web Services and our tools (Prestashop solutions).