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The Internet is a technical universe in which the computer engineering is essential

Experts Prestashop

Prestashop is one of the most powerful tools to create an e-commerce site, manage the stock feed, prepare orders, ship them and manage your customer service.

True Prestashop experts, we create and manage e-commerce websites on the Open-Source Prestashop solution. This modular and scalable platform allows us to effectively realize an online store perfectly adapted to your expectations (functionalities, specificities, corporate identity).

Our technical team can, if necessary, improve your Prestashop to set up new features in your back and / or front office.

Hosting and infrastructure

We can host your online store on your server or on one of the dedicated servers managed by the agency.

We constantly ensure the technical performance of your website to monitor the impact of technical developments and traffic peaks to ensure optimal deadline for response through CDN or allocated infrastructures to absorb these increases of traffic.


The agency comply with the W3C recommendations for web integration (HTML5, CSS3, responsive design). The rigorous application of these “standards” optimize the display performance of the website and therefore is natural referencing.

The responsive design integration allows an optimal display and is adapted to all types of screens (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone).

Flow management

We design a system that can export and distribute your product catalog to other e-commerce partners (Market Place, price comparison, Retargeting).

From your Prestashop back office, you distribute your catalog and centralize the management of your orders (from a multitude of websites) with a flow management tool.

We use Lengow and NetEven solutions to effectively handle the management of incoming and outgoing information flows between your Prestashop back office and your partner’s websites.

Prestashop, connected to a flow management tool, makes it possible to centralize all the stock movements resulting from your e-commerce activity (product creations, stock entries, sales, returns).

SEO optimization

To help you getting back into the top ranks of search engines, our technical team implements SEO best practices (Google natural referencing): integration of micros-data in compliance with the expectations of search engines, meta tags, semantic markings of the text to maximize the visibility of your website on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex and Baidu pages.

Your online store connected to your physical stores

If you have physical stores, we can import your product catalog into Prestashop to allow you centralizing your inventory and prices from your existing store(s) management software, such as Solsys, Fastmag or Polaris. We will update this information automatically on your online store so that the information displayed is always updated. All sales made online will be counted in your current management tool.